• The open heart of General Axiology

    (This text has had its two sections swapped at the last moment. It’s possible that it’ll make no sense at first and you have to read it again. Welcome to asemic horizon!) 1. The open heart This is not an essay about theory. Anyone who might care can learn about how our Kehre came to…

  • Multiples


    1a. There’s a thread from Hokusai to Messiaen. I don’t want to describe it as much as I want to seize it. I want to grab and hold on to it; know it by its friction on my palms; pull and be pulled. On one knot stand 36 views of Mount Fuji; on the next,…

  • Mens rea (in) res corporis

    Mens rea (in) res corporis

    I. The cookie crumbles as follows: causation feels equivalent to inevitability, and inevitably feels like it precludes meaningful human action. This would be far more devastating than it seems at first: it’s not just that “your life has no meaning” implying a spiritual void; rather, if nothing can be otherwise, then no communication is possible.…

  • Clarion call

    Clarion call

    As usual we have to take umbrage in etymologies: axios meaning “worthy”; this, apparently (there are scholarly doubts) from, ἄγω ‎+ τιος, to “draw down”, presumably in a scale — and thus also examination. This gives us a procedural account of primeval axiology; on the one side, not moral, but practical; on the other, predicated…

  • Mirror


    I. I’ve been working on a concept I call the sources of policy. This hasn’t happened in the context of asemic horizon, meaning: it’s mercenary treason of the project of theory. Instead, I’ve been developing the notion of “sources of policy” as part of a larger project that precedes me and that I hope to…

  • Neither death nor reason

    I’ll try to make this short. It’s a topical personal opinion, and it’s getting a writeup because it’s an opinion I have. As I explained previously, the core project of asemic horizon and General Axiology is in a kind of grave danger from which I don’t know how to rescue it. So this has nothing…

  • Media rec

    youtube.com/watch This video features a reenactment of a speech on the Catilline conspiracies that is relevant to our broad idea of lego/logos prior to the Tarski Emergency.

  • Physique du rôle – Enterprise edition

    Physique du rôle – Enterprise edition

    I. Clarifications Bluntly put — if, however, doing some violence to the appogiaturas and rubatos that give theory the effect of fiddling with the frame — the domain of the axiological is the domain of what matters. In contrast, the domain of the epistemic is what is true. From an epistemological point of view, what…

  • Protected: Jairwave 2022

    Protected: Jairwave 2022

    There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

  • Ezra, Huaso and St. Dennis (I, II)

    Ezra, Huaso and St. Dennis (I, II)

    I. Parenthood my well be the ultimate political marker and, in due time, the ultimate revolutionary act. If this isn’t a banal assertion — to the point that making it is wasteful — that’s because pharmaceutical birth control is rather recent in the grand scheme of things: at most two generations back from you. This…

  • Plures disparibum

    Plures disparibum

    Theory* is perhaps best conceptualized as a laboratory terrarium. The concepts of theory are really fully expressed (fully engaged in the world) not as ideas, but as mind-worms. Like in the old Tales of the Crypt scenario, they enter the subject’s brain through the ear. The ear becomes open to theory because it is already…

  • This is some very important reading; please do not skip it. http://intellectualmathematics.com/blog/cultural-reception-of-geometry-in-early-modern-europe/