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    I try to do this on Telegram before and even got about 30-40 users, but the ergonomics was all wrong: it was a broadcasting channel with comments, and the app becomes really confusing when you have too many groups anyway. Ima invite people to hang out on Discord here: https://discord.gg/s9jdFygr — since I never have […]

  • Aquarela do Brasil

    Aquarela do Brasil

    Have news of Bolsonaro´s latest would-be authoritarian twitchings come to the international press yet? In my reluctant capacity as a reporter from the trenches, I have to be clear about this: that´s not an Erdogan or Duda on the rise, that´s a case of political Tourette´s. There are proximal causes in the Revolutionary Guard´s increasing […]

  • Postscript on “the scenarios of ecstasy”

    Postscript on “the scenarios of ecstasy”

    … don’t open your eyes, you won’t like what you see… I’m writing this on my phone. Texts in asemic horizon are usually barely even reread before publishing — at best to harmonize the distribution of masses, on pain of breaking the sequence of arguments at that. Worse yet: this note is moved at least […]

  • Zero chroma infinity.

    Zero chroma infinity.

    I. Alan Watts taught that money is a mere unit of measure, and that a society can no longer go meaningfully broke than it can go out of inches and grams. This undersells the usefulness of money; more importantly, it fails to account for the general issue of human material progress. Watts is no common […]

  • Sequence


    1. For theory to be perceived as having any practical value at all — and here we should reference all the hesitation and specification thrust at notions of praxis and practicality throughout this project, but it would derail us… — it needs to acquire a quality of presence (a physique du rôle [1, 2]) that […]

  • Qua

    Since everything is systemically-constrained to positions within the system, everything is diachronically preceded and synchronically surounded by conditions. Stronger theories of metaphysical causality might even go the extra step and identify the thing with its causal determinants. I have nothing to argue for or against this view; I don’t need it, other than to distance […]

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    A typical example of what makes theory unformalizable is the horizontal relation between epistemorphization and the diegesis. It’s neither the case that both the truth and the untruth can be rendered apparent; nor that rendition-to-the-apparent (literally: e-vidence) reveals truth. In the rigorous language of Rudolf Willie’s “Formal Concept Analysis”, this structure of horizontal relation is […]

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    The epistemorphization of theory is about as unavoidable, useful and in-the-limit misleading as the anthropomorphization of technology. The anthropomorphic quality of technology depends on technical and market factors. Maybe the mouse pointer is only inadvertently phallic, but voice assistants (Siri, Cortana, etc) are all made to simulate the requisite physique du role. This is also […]

  • Chroma realism

    Chroma realism

    asemic horizon says “theory” simpliciter, unqualified, intransitive, a secas to emphasize it is not, nor does it aim to be, a theory of a specific something. In order to diffract into arbitrary chromaticities, it needs to be blank. If incentivized to place theory in an art-world kind of market for attention, I might just incorporate […]

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  • Forget theory.

    I. Everyone knows that attention has become the scarce object of note. It’s less often-remarked that up until a few minutes ago we lived in a world where capital was logically identified with the object of scarcity (that is, money), even if theoretically distinct (maybe following Kalecki’s dictum that workers spend what they earn, while […]

  • We have never been asemic 3: harder

    We have never been asemic 3: harder

    I have less time today, but want to leave a couple of notes anyway. “Asemic writing” refers to a genre of writing. English is overly flat here; On grammatology offers the syn-chromic term écriture which serves us much better. Asemic writing blazes past the boundaries of what Grammatology terms “logocentrism”. It does so not for […]